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Demo of both extruders working

Hello Everyone,

Here is the much awaited video of both extruders working once the commands were sent from Repetier. Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates regarding what was done to make the firmware work.



Update on Firmware

Hey Everyone,

We just wanted to provide you all with some exciting news. We have finally modified the firmware to get the second extruder to work as well. We will be posting a video very soon with the progress of our project. Stay tuned!!


Senior Design 2 Kickoff!!

Hello All,

We are back to working on the project with this new semester. Our current goal is to actively work on the firmware to get dual extruder to work simultaneously, after which we will incorporate the third (paste extruder) as well to the project. Which simply means looking forward to coding, coding and more coding!

Stay tuned for more updates.