3D Printer Boosterpack

Hello All,

We would like to showcase our first part of the project which was developing the boosterpack to control the 3D Printer.

The objective of this part of the project is to design and build the boosterpack to be able to control 6 stepper motors to be able to move in the Cartesian axes as well as drive the dual extruders and paste extruder.

For this part of the project we used Eagle CadSoft 7.2 to design the board and route all the connections properly. We were able to reduce the complexity of the existing boosterpack by replacing the drivers with Palolu drivers which performed the same function.  Once the design was created, we sent the schematics to Oshpark for the board to be manufactured. Once the board was delivered all the parts were soldered onto it manually and tested for functionality which was a success!!

For this part of the project, the most crucial part was getting used to the Eagle Cad software. Since this was our first exposure to using the software, it was a learning experience for all of us. Several online tutorials were used to help us in our research in building the best possible design for our board. This included learning about the appropriate route thickness, current calculation needed to drive the motors and make the board running without any obstacles.

Posted below is the actual board after soldering the components and the Eagle schematic of the board we sent to OshPark.




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